PYLONIX for PAC Facilities & Service Providers

PYLONIX can seamlessly capture and manage all patient referrals and medical record transfers across Healthcare Service Providers. It will significantly reduce fragmentation in the post-hospital care environment

Key Features

Acting as an electronic referral management system for PACs & Service Providers capture and manage all inbound patient referrals and medical record transfers across facilities.

Automatic notifications of referral activity via unified communication such as alerts, chats and/or email.

Re-application of data collected during the patient stay at the previous level of care such as demographic, insurance and clinical information.

Referral sources can PYLONIX as an online marketing tool to align service offerings to patient needs and generate revenue.

Achieving better care coordination and avoiding re-hospitalization (re-admission)

Embedded Unified Communication

  • Automatic alerts and live chats are designed to improve the timely flow of information across facilities.
  • Clinical information, such as a diagnosis, medication lists or discharge summaries will electronically pass to providers through our secure gateway.
  • Improves medication reconciliation and re-admission rates.
  • Enhances patient follow-up, education, adherence and care satisfaction.

Analytics, AI, Dashboards & Reports

  • Designed to identify correlations in patient Transfer-Placement process and build predictive modeling to drive strategic decisions
  • Provide access to real-time & actionable data to identify obstacles, measure improvements and make informed decisions to control costs and improve treatment outcomes.
  • Track and manage open cases in both snapshot and detailed views, access their complete history with post-discharge analyses and dialogue with outside facilities in real-time.

Flexibility & Agility of SaaS Solution

  • Accelerated feature delivery with open Application Programming Interface (API) protocols to integrate with existing healthcare applications.
  • Eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance, as well as software licensing, installation and support.
  • Accessibility and persistence – SaaS application can be access from any Internet-enabled device and location.
  • Security, reliability and high availability of Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.