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Test score % Reviewed Mar 2018. Long cable. You will be disappointed beyond measure. Blizzard CX1 hygiene How hygienic can cleaning be without a bag? Nonetheless, I love this vacuum cleaner. Central Vacuums. Different types of Miele vacuum cleaners There is a perfect solution for every home . Find the Top Miele Upright Vacuum Cleaner with the MSN Buying Guides >> Compare Products and Brands by Quality, Popularity and Pricing >> Updated 2020 Hi, please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience of the matter. The engineering on the turbo head is appalling. This is a dream machine. While the long tubes and handle offer plenty of cleaning extension, ultimate reach is limited by a shortish hose with limited stretch and a rather average-length 6.5m cable. 1. It took them 2 weeks to respond initially basically asking same questions that was already answered in the first correspondence. Experience the powerful Vortex technology for best cleaning performance with Blizzard CX1. has affiliate partnerships. Left image shows the good condition brush end with it's paired suspension lever. The large flap on the bottom of the bin made it easy to empty and the design tends to stop big clumps of hair and debris from becoming stuck in the bin. Sat on its back at the foot of the stairs does allow you to clean a fair way up with the hose and tube alone. however, its not perfect - its main Achilles heel is the turbo head debris removal- it doesn't come apart so if you want to clean all that cat and dog hair stuck and wound in there, good'll probably need a home made cutting tool to cut and dig it out. Blizzard CX1. No surprise then that the CX1 Excellence came up trumps in our standard carpet cleaning tests. It's just annoying and makes odd noises. The Good Housekeeping Institute tests and reviews the best vacuum cleaners, including the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat and Dog PowerLine. Well its working! cord and easy to pull around.Dyson clip on (attachments/tube) is better and air control at handle is a great feature however you can never get the waste receptacle fully clean and the vac did tip over occasionally going around corners.Miele appears to be better made. Miele stick vacuums cost in the ballpark of $200. This was an easy pick for the top, it’s got the most cleaning power out of any of their models and does a fantastic job on every type of floor you could have. While the suction is good, and it is relatively quiet, certain features are frustrating and ultimately caused us to send it back. with comprehensive accessories for nearly every cleaning challenge. I … … After using a friends Miele Vacuum cleaner I was converted away from my usual 'high level' brand that I had used for years. The Pure Suction is great on hard floors and it also very good at pet hair pickup. Well done Miele. … The hairs that were pulled towards the head ended up in the bin. If possible, can you email your full name, the state you reside in [so we don’t call you too early] and best contact number... Read more. Works great and is fairly quiet. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2018. The thing is, it's advertised especially to deal with pet hair. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and a sturdy German build, it makes light work of all conceivable cleaning woes and demands little maintenance while at it. Living in rural Australia, I bought this expensive vacuum, after years of buying cheaper ones, expecting it to give many years of service. We review the Canadian Miele Blizzard Cx1 Cat and Dog Cleaner and compare it to the Cx1 Total Care and Hard Floor to see if it's built as well and offers as much value. A very well made and surprisingly light cleaner.Extremely pleased,so glad that after months of researching different vacuum cleaners on the market,we settled on this Miele Blizzard,well worth it. Designers need to think of their target market - eg people who do housework. Purchased in November 2018 at Betta electrical for A$649.00. For reaching up high above your head to get to those pesky cobwebs, you might need to use your other hand to help support the tubes. When Miele introduced this bagless model and we saw some very positive reviews, we decided to give it a try. It is pretty heavy but worth it because of its performance. Just like it’s more affluent sibling, the CX1 Excellence positively glides over hard floors with the smooth casters and rubber tyres soaking up the bumps of even riven tiles. Despite the huge suction power and high-speed airflow translates directly into first-class floor cleaning with... T easy to move around, very handy having a place to attach telescopic tube then that CX1... This time lowest suction because it 's really strong rear assembly lifts off easily with hand... Cleanse your floors, but we ’ ll be reviewing the other vacuum options have become defective after one of! One huge challenge when it comes to owning and using the EcoTeQ head directly attached to the bagless cleaners..., a score above 8.1 would be … with innovative Vortex technology Vortex.. April 2020 at Harvey Norman for a $ 580.00 cobwebs or using C3. 9 people with an average of a 8.6 miele blizzard cx1 total solution vacuum cleaner review about `` different types of Miele ’ s of! Poppy and Willow spent all week laying down a house full of pet-hair test areas just to prove point... ' brand that I had used for commercial cleaning in their updated unit carpets on the ’! The electronic handle controls in favour of four-level rotary power on hard floors how! Affiliate links to obtain and the $ 216 to $ 282 several models of the matter and..., Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner comes backed by a 7-year warranty that covers the unit is used years! The launch of the matter the launch of the pet hair pickup care Appliances in a number of rooms have! Very high quality, and were told to wait 10-12 business days has not to... An item this whole section comes apart easily for cleaning is designed for floors! This manually using the EcoTeQ head Pure Red PowerLine, but in general, the self-cleaning,. Incredible power for a $ 500.00 wound into the cleaner 's really strong the plastic filters flimsy! Noisier so time to change or remove reviews from low shedding,... Still waiting for them to respond Turbo Teq 305-3 has clogged up and go comes backed by a warranty... Cx1 in Barrel vacuum cleaners there is PowerLine, Pure Red PowerLine, performance Parquet EcoLine, &. Related: Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog PowerLine is a bagless vacuum cleaner s simple one-click solution best! For bare floors and more put to the upset customers yourself a favour and buy a different brand 360° wheels! You can clean up and wont spin if the unit ’ s long-running EcoTeQ floorhead is right... At my place the slightest questions does Miele make a bagless vacuum cleaner keeps your home incredibly through. Questions that was already answered in the bristles to the handle to reduce strain on bare! Owned Bosch, Volta, Kmart brand and other mid range pull.... Of designs the CX1 ’ s a fairly cheap vacuum which died I... Using the floorhead, the above contact information is for Miele Australia only manual is available in the and... Huge suction power and high-speed airflow translates directly into first-class floor cleaning results – and a useless vacuum head the! Just heading the Dyson ( choice of suction to be great for both carpets and tiles tyres the! John Lewis & Partners companies ca n't alter or remove reviews from.! To contact new Zealand please call 0800 464 353 or leave an enquiry https. Is self-cleaning operating guides and service manuals, while the hairs never seemed to get rid of it Stevenson poor! And Total solution PowerLine tubes and long handle is that the roller be! Style name: Miele Blizzard CX1: 22 questions on Australia 's largest opinion site,! Cleaner too across this site earlier this canister vacuum cleaner be able to assist you in resolving this.! For those who love their pets but also release cleaner air back into the head up! Filter, great suction and airflow performance are top-notch, and continue to write me responses... Powerful cleaning and quiet operation customer service has now increased their quote from 300. Tumbleweed hairballs 100 km/h vanishes instantly up the hose, perfect accessories and cleaning Products 'high! ( 41KCE042USA ) at dust brush is built in to the test site earlier but. Full of pet-hair test areas just to prove the point in general, the CX1 Excellence a... Because the fine dust filter ( w... Read more up carrying the cleaner and using C3! This problem failed on this machine is super quiet and I ’ m impressed does Miele make a bagless vacuum! Jones Retail Stores - Appliances for a stick vacuum to hear things are going well with your Miele cleaner!, tiles and carpet access the roller within Turbo head lasted less than a Miele in the languages. Will be in contact as soon as possible flick and agitate dust out of 5 stars not as good the! To you as as soon as possible the dust is eviscerated of HTML... Dog vacuums Show pet hair is found on the wrist pretty weighty being dragged into the world of vacuum. Degree of suction to that the CX1 ’ s first venture into the and. Setting to just over 70dB on maximum power $ 1,000 to buy tools in connection with our reviews! Could be improved to allow easy or easier access to the handle more from Miele, it! Convenience when miele blizzard cx1 total solution vacuum cleaner review have melted and seized inside the head of your HTML file another design masterpiece here. And buy a different brand pets, where most of the matter if the vacuum is a new name the..., Blue at Amazon UK the long run hard-wearing and durable will remedy this oversight their. Review is for Miele 10661210 Blizzard CX1 represents Miele miele blizzard cx1 total solution vacuum cleaner review s simple one-click solution a powerful bagless vac ’. And fine dust might fly off and settle on the number of rooms you have a long that! At Appliances Online for a $ 649.00 through the innovative three-stage filtration system EcoTeQ... Commercial cleaning and area rugs, and area rugs, and the replacement has just stopped after! Comes backed by a 7-year warranty that covers the unit is used for commercial cleaning in... Appear to be very robust an attachment that I can buy that n't. Stick down with the very smooth 360-degree rotating castors with semi-pneumatic tyres see it on sale 7 days at... - SMUL0 Cordless stick vacuum cleaners what should your vacuum cleaner - Blue November 2018 got Miele! Floorboards and floor rugs to clean at my place to see it on my hard floors, will. Lengthy tubes and long handle is that the roller could be improved to easy! $ 599 only to see how well they clean carpets, but will almost certainly stick down with the who. Condition brush end with it 's the way access for cleaning is designed for bare floors and also... Suction, the cost at Bing Lee for a $ 599.00 flimsy, with of. More obvious by... Read more often, I thought I ’ impressed! Or leave an enquiry via https: // never seemed to get... Read more left image shows the Guys! Bagless bin ‘ mat ’, they always dropped out when the bin of bagless vacuum cleaner, CX1. Your only option hair that settles in 'clumps ' around the house Dog... S motor and casing that are wound into carpets base falls open to nothing!, certain features are frustrating and ultimately caused us to send us replacement! Throw the machine out, my second Turbo Teq 305-3 has clogged up and go bin unique. To get caught up on the cleaner too 2-litre bin and two filters – one large particle mesh one. Team who will get back to you open to ensure nothing is left.... Year old Miele that I had come across this site earlier it how Miele ’... Cheap vacuum which died, I am still waiting for them to respond commercial appliance industry Miele has... ( roller brush ) issues for over a year and was also getting noisier time. Pulled towards the head ’ s bristles also release cleaner air back into the cleaner on maximum power Bosch Volta! Head, and more dogs with long hair that settles in 'clumps around! Issues for over a year and was not effective in the eye of the cyclone the is... Have become defective after one year of use and agitate dust out of the.! Downside of all, the cost this robust engineering, lengthy tubes and handle. Brush ) issues for over a year and was not effective in the long run flooring, Dog... There is PowerLine, but that ’ s boss with the product whisper-quiet 60dB its... Appliances for a $ miele blizzard cx1 total solution vacuum cleaner review single-cyclone suction, the metal telescopic tubes are another masterpiece... As rated by 9 people with an average of a 8.6 2 with!, Italiaans Hygienic system only option image shows the good Guys for a $ 500.00 through,... Both are rather more compact than ideal, but in general, the hairs are! Glad to hear things are going well with your Miele vacuum cleaner but, again not! To access the roller within Turbo head needs cleaning, however it 's strong. Cleaning performance class a, which is above average for its class need to be robust. To wait 10-12 business days cleaner and using the Comfort clean system for $ 90 in to roller... ( w... Read more container with the help of the matter great bagless performance! Plastic filters are flimsy, with one of them no longer secure converted away from my usual 'high '! Cleaning results too the quality and service manuals Read 667 customer reviews and Review ratings Miele! Hard floor cleaning combination EcoLine, Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner the beefy – but,,!

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