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matter of considering ‘ temporal distance ’ as a fundament of positive and productive possibilities for understanding” (1979: 155-56). We then discuss the underlying notions of time at work in both Gadamer and Collingwood, showing that Ricœur had a better appreciation of the issue, since he saw that Collingwood's moves parallel, up to a point, Heidegger's critique of “vulgar time,” albeit with an entirely different result. Gadamer and Collingwood on Temporal Distance and Understanding . Gadamer deals with such issues in his masterwork Truth and Method, o"ering resources through his understanding of the nature of texts and what he calls the fusion of horizons. If a Right and Left foot segment do not exist, stride length and stride width cannot be computed. distance. transl. Gadamer's Hermeneutic Contribution to a Theory of Time-consciousness ... it is divisible; it is the time that we have or do not have, or at least think we do not have. History and Theory 50 (4):81-103 (2011) The Later Collingwood on Method: Re-Enactment and Abduction. Lewis Edwin Hahn’s The Philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer, Chicago, Open Court, 1993 has a “Selected Gadamer Bibliography” with five sections.The second bibliography is a recently extended edition of Etsuro Makita’s excellent Gadamer Bibliographie, Frankfurt, Lang, 1995. In this paper, we begin by suggesting an intuitive model of time embodying a notion of temporal distance that we claim is at work in Gadamer’s hermeneutics, while it is rejected in Collingwood’s theory of interpretation. This basic ... distance in dealing with witnesses to past life',2so the goal of a … Is Gadamer's most influential work, his magnum opus. The historical temporal distance between the interpreter and the author can be overcome only through the fusion of horizons, so Gadamer says. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Er war in erster Ehe (18971904) verheiratet mit Johanna Gadamer geborene Gewiese, Tochter des Maurer- und Zimmer… Bibliography Gadamer Bibliographies. The purpose of this study is to examine philosophical hermeneutics as a referent for student understanding of Nature-of-Science (NOS) concepts. Gadamer and Collingwood on Temporal Distance and Understanding. Showing an early interest in humanisticstudies, Gadamer began university studies i… Benjamin challenges this view. in Jeff Malpas, Ulrich Arnswald & Jens Kertscher (eds), Gadamer's century. This proposition has received some support in more recent literature. This view acknowledges the relevance of temporal distance in dispersed teamwork, but it does not inform how temporal distance …

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