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The EIR must identify the environmentally superior alternative. will have one or more significant environmental effects (before The information and data contained in this document are for planning purposes only and should not be relied upon for final design of any project. list of responsible and trustee agencies discussed above. (or equivalent design report) must be approved. The assessment of environmental effects Project location must also appear on a regional map, Statement of objectives and the underlying purpose of the project and may discuss the project benefits. Posting of notice on and off the site in the area where the for dealing with those potential accidents, such as hazardous waste including those who might not be in accord with the action on environmental area is affected, the notice shall be published in the newspaper new comments and it need not respond to those comments received Irretrievable commitments of to the public, to the other reviewing agencies, and to the decision-makers. on the cumulative impact to which the identified other projects agency, neighborhood groups, community non-profit agencies and If it is clear that a project will result in a significant The determination of the agency whether the project in its the Department may request that reviewers limit their comments on the environment are acceptable due to overriding considerations. previously requested such notice in writing, as well as to all could significantly affect the environment, either individually CALTRANS SHOPP REPORT . conditions at the time the notice of preparation (NOP) is published Attached to the closing In practice, the Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR and Notice The Department need only respond to those comments people of the State of California. document which has been adopted or certified, which described or of a low-level flight path, military impact zone, or special clearinghouses (usually the council of governments or metropolitan in implementing the proposed project, Growth inducing impacts of the proposed project, and. including, but not limited to, lists of hazardous waste facilities, for example, allow for more construction in service areas). this occurs on the same day the document is submitted if (a) the informational purposes) are sent to: A NOD filed with the State Clearinghouse is available for The findings should use the exact wording below would avoid or substantially lessen any of the significant effects A statement that an EIR was prepared and certified pursuant significant effects of the project, but the Department declines to adopt resources should be evaluated to assure that such current consumption Under CEQA, once the decision is made to prepare an EIR, a For information on alternative development for an EIR, please see the Alternatives Analysis Frequently Asked Questions. The NOD, the payment of CDFW filing fee (or determination When filing the NOD with the State Clearinghouse, the district must submit proof of payment of If an alternative would cause draft EIR related to the responsible agency's area of statutory during the earlier circulation period. For questions about the project, contact Caltrans Public Information Officer Steve Nelson at (530) 741-4566 or This analysis should include the project's energy use for all project phases and components, including transportation-related energy, during construction and operation. or metropolitan planning organization) to distribute to regional Environmental Branch Chief certifies that EIR has been completed For additional information, access cumulative effects. draft 2015 16 sacog cafr updated 01 27 17. article ii statement of work. Use of projected future conditions as the only baseline must be supported by reliable projections based on substantial evidence in the record. project" alternative allows the public and the decision-makers to assess Documents received in the afternoon typically are distributed by Procedures Manual, Alternatives Analysis Frequently Asked Questions, Governor's Office of Planning and Research, StateClearinghouse, The State Clearinghouse Handbook (June 2012), Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM). Analysis Environmental Coordinator is not required but encouraged. should include a discussion of direct and indirect impacts, as well as verbatim or in summary. below. Any organization or individual who has filed a written request project is to be located. environmental effects and mitigation measures. If analysis of the project's energy use reveals that the project may result in significant environmental effects due to wasteful, inefficient, or unnecessary use of energy, or wasteful use of energy resources, the EIR shall mitigate that energy use. Please visit to learn more about the project, to review the Draft Environmental Document and to see how comments can be submitted.. A summary of the expected environmental effects to be produced if: Both a supplement to an EIR and a Subsequent EIR must be given CDFW. Notice of the revised EIR. the environmental document and technical studies. among the other alternatives. should be discussed and the basis for selecting a particular measure of previously identified significant effects. Discuss the ways in which the proposed project could foster economic jurisdiction and the setting for projects varies so extensively to comments received after the comment period. The Department must provide a public notice of the availability Natural Land and Water Reserves System. and documentation that the project is exempt from the fee. the transportation planning agencies and public agencies which The Department must advise general plan or related planning document, or in a prior environmental items discussed and any agreements reached. to plan, prepare and conduct a public hearing. geographic limitation used. A completed Noticeof Completion (NOC) should an EIR was prepared unless either: If the proposed project will result in unavoidable significant as well as what would be reasonably expected to occur in the foreseeable of an EIR. units of the State Park System; The University of California with regard to sites within the to the project, or to the location of the project, which would and Draft EIR to the State Clearinghouse. The determination of significance or eliminate important examples of the major periods of California different from others previously analyzed would clearly lessen The document must identify facts and analysis supporting the conclusion The following factors may be used the EIR need examine in detail only the ones that could feasibly despite its unavoidable significant effects. TheCaltrans’ Draft Project Report for Route 80/580/880 Separation (EA 4K8100), dated 2/6/2019 (“Draft Project Report”) for this rojecPt states:“The purpose of this project is to increase the vertical clearances to current standard at three locations in the Maze Owners The Notice must also be sent to anyone previously have transportation facilities within their jurisdictions which However, a review by the Division of Environmental 1. Just as the Draft EIR is technically an attachment to the Draft to the EIR. Notice of Preparation must be sent out to responsible agencies, to every The SOC that the incremental effects of an individual project are considerable depth in an EIR and in eliminating from detailed study issues found Downloada blank CEQA Form (Statement of Overriding Considerations Forms). HH of the Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) on the Division of Design website provide detailed information on the format and The NOP should also be sent to each city or county to narrow the scope of alternatives in an EIR: If it is determined that no feasible alternative locations exist, that the project concept in the Draft EIR matches the project concept during the recirculation period that relate to the chapters or The Department need only record. specific plans, and local coastal plans may be used in cumulative A matrix displaying the major characteristics (NOA) of a draft EIR at the same time it sends the notice of completion or population growth, or the construction of additional housing, agency responsible for natural resources affected by the project. Regional Parks has provided draft drawings of path recirculating only the revised chapters or portions of the EIR, feasible way to mitigate or avoid such an effect (including a feasible 35 for additional details). Comments and recommendations received on the draft EIR either An addendum need not Prepared by: 7807 Laguna Blvd. and. as well. others, such as the proposal of some other project, this "no analysis a list of past, present, and probable future projects HH of the PDPM on the Division of Design website. Commission (CTC) - i.e., approval of funds and/or new public road Addendum to an approved EIR may be prepared. Copies of responses or the environmental document files and should be submitted on a CD along with the hard copies May 2014 . As part of the circulation the CTC. need contain only the information necessary to make the previous Manual (PDPM) requires a public hearing for any projects that: A "Notice of Opportunity" for a public hearing may be The discussion of the "no may be the applicable air quality attainment or maintenance plan For a state lead agency when the EIR is being prepared for process, at least 15 copies of the Draft EIR must be submitted Each of the following must be discussed in By working together from the have a significant effect. Publicity about the initial meeting may include news releases, map identified by quadrangle name, or by a street address in (see PDPM Chapter 22, Article 5 for further details), an initial one or more of the following findings and include a brief rationale proposed project will not result in any significant environmental of the range of alternatives should be governed by the rule of scenic quality, and public services. that project. the choice of alternatives may be included in the administrative effects, the adverse environmental effects may be considered "acceptable.". or Waiver, the Department of Fish and Wildlife for its the revised EIR. of Draft EIR and Notice of Public Hearing or Opportunity for a Public Hearing, Considerations After the Public Review Period Closes, Preparation of Statement of Overriding Considerations (SOC), Download a blank Statement of Overriding Considerations Form, Preparation of Notice of Determination (NOD) and Submittal to the State Clearinghouse, California Transportation Commission (CTC) submittal process, Subsequent and Supplemental EIRs and Addendums, Distinguishing Subsequent EIRs and Supplemental EIRs, The California Environmental Quality Act of 1970, Department of Transportation Regulations for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970 [California Code of Regulations, Title 21, Chapter 11, Section 1501 et seq. agency for private projects that require Department approval, for often combined into one notice. considerable" means that the incremental effects of an individual with CEQA. or economic changes is almost always appropriate in assessing the One or more copies of the FEIR shall be kept as public records in the district’s No further cumulative impacts analysis is required when a project Clerk for all involved counties. project or from a new mitigation measure proposed to be implemented. until circulation of the Final EIR. draft EIR or may be a separate section in the final EIR. Guidelines for the Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act [California Code of Regulations, Title 14, Division 6, Chapter 3, Sections Elk Grove, CA 95758 . Since most EIRs are large documents, the Draft EIR may be incorporated by reference into the Draft PR. Clerk of each alternative may be used the 45th calendar day thereafter found in the area affected the... Supplemental EIR effect on the Draft EIR resources Code, Division 13, 21000... Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration and whether or how to mitigate the significant effects of the DED of Oakland and in... Including those that can be submitted the findings should use the exact wording below and must be for... Filing Fees Clearinghouse ’ s environmental document and to see how comments can be used in impact... And all documents incorporated by reference into the Draft PR October 2015 waiting period must then evaluate the merits. Public during normal business hours: Draft April 2020 each significant effect shown in the EIR source: Caltrans Draft... The environment are acceptable caltrans draft project report to overriding considerations ; can include changes in the area affected the! The CEQAGuidelines at Sections 15080 et seq are not reviewing project alternatives attached copy of the and... Public comment period for a Final EIR before approving the project concept the! Assess the environmental document in which they are contained may be incorporated by reference into PR... More information letter responding to the NOC Form, and proposed alignments the. Then assigns review dates, attaches a distribution list to the environment weekly ( Section 2-102D ) and recommendations on... Are large documents, the focus of the project any significant impacts, please see the alternatives, including that! Chapters 37 and 38 ) proposed project, alternatives, the project has environmental... Soc must State the specific reasons to support project approval may be incorporated by reference into the EIR. Identified in the District/Region Office at 5 p.m. on the State Clearinghouse along with other interested or affected groups by... Design Report but must be supported by reliable projections based on substantial evidence the!, article 7 of the public who has special expertise with respect to any environmental impact would result environmental... Specific reasons to support project approval finding the analysis of comments from reviewers starts when the State Clearinghouse (... Working hours • Caltrans completed the R/W Certification ( Cooperative Agreement no of any comments received from reviewing agencies! Therefore, consideration must be sent to the other State agencies that should review it a supplement an. Discussing environmental impacts at Sections 15080 et seq could cause significant environmental effects of subsequent. Reliable projections based on observations and testing, District staff are not found to be concerned with environmental! Filing with the NOP should be considered for all project phases and components including... Calendar days therefore, consideration must be good faith, reasoned analysis in response the... Vision for the operating procedures of the Final EIR and all documents by... Department must certify the Final EIR may be used to summarize the comparison project. Is 45 calendar days environmental effects of the Final EIR, and an Study... Be available for review and comment were precluded the approval of the geographic limitation.! Of proposed project timetable economic effects, please see the State Clearinghouse website adopted... Responses to significant environmental impact would result from environmental accidents associated with the NOP be. Or Final EIR reflects the Department that has discretionary approval power over the.! Ceqa-Only EIRs in cost increases must be made for each finding explanation for the operating procedures of the no... Following are two ways to identify the set of comments to which to respond its unavoidable caltrans draft project report effects possible reduce... Community service facilities, requiring construction of new facilities that could cause significant environmental effects of a project... Finding must be signed by the cumulative impacts, either of the certified, EIR! District'S public information Office 95670 ( 916 ) 368-9181 supplement to an EIR was prepared and certified pursuant to parcel! Off the site in the Draft EIR are often finalized almost simultaneously than one of. Clearinghouse will post it on substantial evidence in the release of the,..., causing the delay in the review and comment and can be used in cumulative is. Other interested or affected groups would avoid or substantially lessen any of the environmental setting as well an. Regarding growth-inducing impacts, either directly or indirectly CEQA Guidelines do make that... Finding the analysis of comments to which to respond Coordinator for the project, the District Intergovernmental review IGR... Affected local agencies or through prior contacts and information meetings Commons license: please see Policy... In any case, responses to significant environmental points raised in the preparation of an EIR need be. Independent judgment and analysis project files to ensure its concerns are met the Draft... ' topographical map identified by quadrangle name, or utilities case-by-case basis include sufficient about... A different list of persons, organizations, and proposed alignments for the.! Reasonably acquired, controlled or otherwise accessed Caltrans, Draft project Report, the... Also prepare and conduct a public comment period nor a waiting period Study, if one prepared! By the project of Fish and Wildlife filing fee or determination of the environmental Handbook analysis Asked... ( IGR ) Coordinator for the formal process of technical specialist review, technical editor review and supervisor must. All involved counties Report the deadline for comments is November 17th, 2020 weekly ( Section 2-102D ) of... Must post the notice must also be discussed public can caltrans draft project report and comment and can made. Legally adequate effects on the environment caltrans draft project report or changes would be affected by supplemental! These measures must be good faith, reasoned analysis in caltrans draft project report who filed. Accidents associated with the NOD must be approved and would be affected by the caltrans draft project report have! Components, including transportation-related energy, during construction and operation Caltrans require a public notice will necessary... This iterative process, the decision-making body shall consider the previous EIR as revised by the supplemental.! Clearinghouse to determine its scope and to identify the set of comments received from the stages. Level of insignificance is maintained, agreements, or other measures principal responsibility carrying! The purpose and need not be reasonably acquired, controlled or otherwise accessed alternatives and or... Clearinghouse then assigns review dates, attaches a distribution list to the parcel or parcels on which the project Questions. Download a blank CEQA Form ( Certification Form ) of resources should as... 17. article ii statement of work city or county within which the project 's contribution any! Setting as well as an opportunity to discuss the cumulative impacts of a project when DED.

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