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After you finish off the last of the AGL's return to the Poke Center to heal and save, then hit the Mart to replace any kit you used during the battles before returning to the Gym to finally face-off against your Dad, and show him your stuff! During your journey, you're probably going to go through Rusturf Tunnel again. Go to petaberg gym and after u beat him go to all the houses in pertaberg and some 1 will give u surf User Info: Awesomerich2000 Awesomerich2000 - 8 years ago 6 0 To get there, you need to get TM Surf from Wally's parents (at their house in Petalburg). Go through any door and fight the trainer. Once you do, go to Mauville City. And I'm not at the point where I can get the super or good rods. After a tough battle with Ash's Pikachu, Vigoroth managed to defeat him. After the 5th gym, you go to the 6th gym. pass to a special position to get extra coaching or use the bottom degrees to defeat the Pokemon you could defeat to get exp. He gives you the Go-Goggles. Still have questions? Petalburg City is a city located in the southwest of Hoenn, west from Oldale Townwhere the player meets his second rival, Wally. Exit the Lavaridge Gym to find Brendan. After a brief dialog - challenge him to battle. all the walkthroughs tell me to find the mauville city trainer, but hes not in the gym right now. 0 0. Do this a couple more times until you reach the Gym Leader for Petalburg City. To get to your Dad you will need to beat three rooms straight of Gym trainers. Forum Posts. Petalburg Gym. Head back to petalburg city. Get answers by asking now. I will show off … Travel with Brendan back to Petalburg City. Be aware that he uses strong normal type pokemon and hyper potions. Follow 4363. After beating Flannery you can now head back to Petalburg to challenge your Dad. The player may only battle Norman after collecting the first four gym badges in Hoenn. It then hugged Max. With HM03 Surf, players will have the ability to explore other areas in the game that were previously inaccessible. After beating the 5th Gym Leader Norman, the player should proceed to the house of Wally's parents to receive HM03 Surf. I have surf, but no pokemon to teach it to. Go west and south, and you'll come to to a place where a Nerd says that he lost his glasses. Followers. after getting the first four badges, you can challenge your father, the fifth gym leader. 0. Recommended Levels: 29-37 Local Trainers… The Gym Leader of Petalburg City is the protagonist's father, Norman, who uses Normal-type Pokémon. Our Battle with the Petalburg Gym Leader -- Battle with Gym Leader Dad -- Now it's time to go all the way back to Petalburg City to challenge your father to a gym battle. Later, it helped in destroying one of Team Rocket's mechas that was attacking the Gym. Wiki Points. View Full-sizeYou can pick your own path in this Gym (or go through every path). 13 years ago. after the fourth badge i think you gotta go back to petalburg gym. 0. To the east of the city is Route 104. Petalburg City. Head to the Petalburg Gym. Your Dad has Normal types so prepare a fighting Pokémon near LVL 30 to beat him. Lv 4. the old rod is in Dewford, but the old boat man is no where to be found. Source(s): until eventually they are at a severe adequate element to defeat his Slacking. Pokemon Emerald Question: Where do you go after fifth gym (petalburg). 4 years ago. 0 0. nune. FPS_Gamer123. they will be in the mid to high 30's In Love, Petalburg Style!, May, Max, Brock, and Kenny saw Vigoroth hanging from a brunch at a place where Norman keeps his Pokémon. Petalburg City 2. Reviews: 13.

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