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An overall fit body can only be achieved by a … Keep some of the chia seeds and mix the rest with the orange juice, letting them marinate for 15 min. Apple Chia Seeds Smoothie Recipe. Peel two Kanzi® apples and cut into chunks. Pour the smoothie into large glasses. Apple chia seeds smoothie can ideally be taken in the evening or as a post-workout drink for good results. Also, remember that apple chia seeds smoothie can only expedite the weight loss process. Purée the apple chunks with the soaked chia seeds and yoghurt. Add in some nice hydration from a cucumber, fiber from an Keep a few of the chunks for decoration. A powerful immune booster, chlorella is a blue-green algae that’s also full of B-12, which is essential for the health of red blood cells, the central nervous system, and energy production. Cut the pieces of Kanzi® apple you kept back finely.

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