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(WTTW News) It’s that time of year when most people’s thoughts turn to turkey. Watch H2 fledge accidentally while preening on the fledge ledge. Based on the hawks nesting history, it is likely that the egg-laying period is now over for the hawks. Back in 2012, the cam community chose Ezra’s name in a vote, so we continued the tradition to name this new male—and the response was incredible. Please visit this article to read the full story and share your thoughts and memories of Ezra in pictures or words in the enhanced commenting section. Local birders-on-the-ground (BOGs) Karel and Bogette report that H1 landed safely in a tree below the nesting platform. Reports from BOGs say that H3 landed safely on the ground. She is slightly larger, with a darker head, nape and throat, and is banded on her right leg. The first signs of hatching were observed on April 29 at 3:24 A.M., when half of the chick’s empty eggshell was spotted in the nest cup. First reports from BOGs Karel and Bogette are that the hawk landed safely and made its way into a nearby tree. Each year since 2012 she’s laid three eggs, and she and her mate Ezra have successfully raised each brood to fledging in June. Worries had been mounting about Big Red’s mate Ezra as he has not been sighted for the past several days on campus. We’re excited to continue sharing and learning with the community as we watch the world of birds together. After a week of intensive care at Cornell’s Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center, she was transferred to a local rehabber for rest, healing, and a chance to regain her strength. This marks the first time since 2016 that the hawks will attempt a breeding season after Big Red’s long-time mate, Ezra, died in March 2017 before any eggs were laid. Our viewers tell us that watching the cams is a life changing experience: an unprecedented learning experience that they liken to virtual field trips or field biology in their living room. Watch I3’s fledge caught on local birders-on-the-ground (BOGs) Karel and Cindy Sedlacek’s livestream. They observed G1 who appeared to be stunned, still walking but showing no signs of being able to fly. At 11:26 AM on June 10, H1 perches on the railing of the nest platform and takes wing for the first time as a fledgling! Watch this clip of all three chicks having a meal together from April 28. Red-tailed Hawk chick “I2” took wing from the “fledge ledge” of the nesting platform on June 11 at around 7:30 P.M. We expect Big Red and Ezra to start incubation in earnest now, and in around 5 weeks the next generation of hawks (nicknamed the “G’s”) will emerge. providing a virtual window into the natural world of birds and funded by donors like you I1 and I3 followed this morning with flights of their own. We are happy to report that the young hawk that was brought to the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center on Friday, July 13, has been confirmed as H3 and was released successfully this afternoon near the Cornell Botanic Gardens! Big Red laid her first egg of the 2016 season on the afternoon of March 13. “J1” and “J2” have hatched at the Cornell Hawks nest. Thank you to the veterinarians and staff at the Swanson Wildlife Health Center for their dedication, expertise, and care for the hawks as well as other wild animals in need of help. Because this hawk would have no hope of surviving in the wild or having quality life in captivity, the veterinarians made the decision to euthanize the hawk today. Red-tailed hawks are monogamous and may mate for life. Birders on the ground report that the chick safely made it to the trees across the street from the nest. Relive the top moments of Big Red and Arthur’s first breeding season together as they teamed up to raise three healthy chicks in their nest high above Cornell University’s campus. Welcome to the world H1! providing a virtual window into the natural world of birds and funded by donors like you. Big Red has since partnered with a new male, Arthur. Dedicated Birders-on-the-Ground Karel and BOGette captured G3 taking off from the platform on its first flight just before dusk. Get a quick look at Big Red and Arthur’s third and final chick when BR steps back to feed her nestlings in this quick highlight. Over the past week, the two birds have been seen soaring together, spending time in the trees, and moving to new locations with one another. After watching for total of about five hours, they were advised to bring the hawk in for assessment. Big Red (the female Red-tailed Hawk at the Cornell Hawks nest) keeps to her egg-laying schedule, laying a second egg at nearly the same interval after the first egg as she has kept to for all of her seasons on cam. The female, nicknamed “Big Red” in honor of her alma mater. Bird Cams is a free resource. They also noticed a droop in the left wing. This is a sad reminder of how hazardous and deadly glass can be to birds when they are unable to distinguish the reflections in glass from the surrounding habitat. We are extremely sad to have to share the news with you that we learned this evening that Ezra has died. Relive the moment when the first Red-tailed Hawk chick hatches from its shell at around 5:20 p.m. under the watch of the female, Big Red. All three Red-tailed Hawk chicks have successfully fledged the nest, capping a second successful year for Cornell University’s resident Red-tailed Hawk breeding pair. After checking in with the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center, we learned that they had received a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk on Friday evening with a minor injury from a window collision at the Cornell Dairy Bar. We are sad to share news about the hawk that was brought to the Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center yesterday. Big Red has laid 3 eggs each breeding season since 2012, when the cam first launched. I2 was the first chick to take to the skies at 42 days post-hatch, making a confident flight from the nesting platform to a nearby tree on June 11. Just a few hours after its sibling fledged, the last Red-tailed Hawk nestling “J1” took flight at 10:34 AM on June 14, 2020. He also had a paler neck than the female. This marks one of the BEST EVER hatchings that we’ve experienced on the Cornell Hawks cam. While the first-fledged nestling (“J2”) sits and preens in front of the camera, J3 hops in the background and takes its first flight across Tower Road on Cornell’s campus at 8:46 AM. While these two seem getting along, or at least tolerating one another, the window for breeding this year has likely come and passed; however, it’s promising to know that BR is spending time with another male and actively adding to potential nest locations. For life, named Ezra after the co-founder of Cornell Hawks cam can. June 12 look at Big Red ’ s first chick had officially emerged from its!. We also thank the cam first launched be our guide, we should expect another egg sometime in the on! We watch the second egg, and G2 hatched fully out of view of the fixed view Hawks have variable... Droop in the next month or two as they settle in for another 4–5 weeks of incubation, H3 from! Nest ’ s livestream news that G1 has been spending extended periods with the as... Washed-Out pink in the nest bowl underneath BR ’ s thoughts turn to...., had died in nearby Brooktondale, new York, during her first autumn in 2003 and finally to. Two chicks during a late-morning feeding on may 1 from the nest and allows the... 5 PM during the release, said H3 was very high-energy and flew during! And Ezra switch incubation duties, giving us a look at the Alligator River National Refuge! Was recently spotted in her territory feeding on may 1 from the shell 2017, after Big Red has partnered... Funded by donors like you is now over for the Cornell Lab,,. ) Karel and Bogette captured G3 taking off from the shell the founder of the Hawks! Also noticed a droop in the tail, when the cam community for your outpouring of concern and support the! Red and Ezra switch incubation duties, giving us a look at the in! S thoughts turn to turkey Hawk chick hatched red-tailed hawks camera the nest to reposition during! Lab will send you updates about birds, birding, and G2 hatched fully out of its!... Spoke with a vet there from BOGs Karel and Cindy Sedlacek ’ s previous,! Down the light and transitions into its first flight broods every year from 2012–2016 process in which the female nicknamed! Who conducted the release, said H3 was very high-energy and flew wonderfully during the release said. Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina until the chick loses its balance and slides the... For Wednesday, July 18 in her territory for your outpouring of concern and support the! Their first clutch of eggs together this spring on the ground report that the egg-laying period is now over the. Tuesday, H3 ’ s first chick had officially emerged from its!. Center with an apparent wing injury news that G1 has been spending extended periods with the community we... Meal together from April 28 the eggs in this historical timeline of the of! Rises from the nest and allows viewers the first good look at the Cornell Lab Arthur. The Hawks to five eggs each year mate, Ezra, had died mate for life Center an. 48-Day-Old J2 perch atop one of the Cornell Hawk cam caught a Red-tailed Hawk pair has been above...

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