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This screen is also where you can set up the camera for back button focus if that is your preference. So the EOS 200D has an additional customisation that helps if you want to use back button AF. When set to 3: AE/AF, no AE lock, then the camera will focus with the back button, but he shutter button won’t lock the exposure at all. Full-time photo tutor and photographer. Firstly you set the back button AF much the same as the EOS 800D above, but it is C.Fn 8 on the EOS 200D. In the advanced exposure modes (P, Tv, Av, M, B, C1, and C2), you can hold down this button to accomplish the same goal as pressing the shutter button halfway. Similar to previous generations of entry level EOS cameras, the setting is in the custom functions C.Fn. Want to use autofocus on your Canon EOS camera with a greater degree of control? You can now freely recompose the shot, and press the shutter to take the picture. The first step is to set up regular the back button AF. Julie Adair King is a veteran digital photography educator. Back button focus isn’t tough to learn, but it does require adjusting a few things in the camera … Pressing the AF area selection mode button each time switches the mode and loops back after reaching the last mode. Back button focus configurations is in Function settings. Here's an extract from an article in the July-September 2013 issue of EOS magazine which explains it all. Since the 50D has an AF ON button, ... Canon EOS 300D Canon EOS 7D Canon EOS 80D Canon EF 50mm F1.4 USM +24 more. For back button focus you need to select 1: AE lock/AF or 3: AF/AF lock, no AE lock to enable back button focus. By setting up your camera for back button focussing you are removing the autofocus function from the shutter release button and assigning it to the AF-ON button on the rear of your camera. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With the Covid-19 situation I'm working from home. There isn't much advantage to having focus on both buttons, like a lot of modern cameras there are two separate settings necessary for proper back button focus, one enables the back button the other removes focus from the shutter button, Search through your cameras menu and you will find them. You’ll notice that when you do go to take the shot, the shutter button has already lowered its head halfway as if by magic. You also have the option of using the AF-ON button to set focus only and the shutter button to set exposure only, or vice versa. If you set it to 0 (the default) or 2, then half pressure on the shutter button determines when the camera will focus. I had a 20D with back button focus set, and it took some experimentation to get it right on the 40D and I knew what I wanted. In effect you are able to use AI Servo focus for static subjects and still focus, lock (or more accurately don’t refocus) and recompose. Her best selling books include Digital Photography For Dummies and thirty titles on Canon and Nikon cameras.Robert Correll is a digital media expert who authored Digital SLR Photography All-in-One For Dummies. This is a lesson from my Canon 70D Crash Course Training Video on how to focus It will also work for the Canon 80D. Choose Assign AE Lock button or Select AF L button and scroll down to AF-On. If you have a still subject you can simply tap the back focusing button and let go, and focus will stop adjusting when you let go of the button even you are in the continuous focusing mode. My 80D has back button focus and it can be focused with the shutter button and a remote shutter release. Hello all, I’ve done plenty of research on the Canon 80D and I’ve decided it... by Claire T37 24 months ago Selling my 80D 1 reply. Press the back button to focus on the subject, and then release the back button so that the camera won’t refocus. Some buttons have multiple “official” names because they serve multiple purposes depending on whether you’re taking pictures, reviewing images, recording a movie, or performing some other function. I wish to sign up to your newsletter.Your information will be passed to MailChimp to process the newsletter signup. As a result, I have great availability for online training & presentations. I learned about back button focus very early in the photography career and I could never go back to shooting without it. So if you shoot a sequence of images using continuous drive mode, then each one may have different exposure settings. Please contact me if you would like my help. Using the AF-ON button can also save time when you’re shooting a series of images of the same subject. If you are confused about Canon EOS focus modes, please read “Choosing the right focus mode for your subject“. Please note, that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Required fields are marked *. This means that if you take a sequence of frames in continuous drive mode, then each will have the same exposure as the first frame. 2 – Back button focus with a difference, you press the AE-Lock button to stop focus. I have my Canon 80 D set up for back button focus. If you already use back button AF on your Canon camera then you can skip this and move to part 2. Is there some way to configure my settings so I can easily revert to regular focus for use with the remote? When back button AF is configured the shutter button no longer activates or drives the focus. Back button auto focus uses the Canon camera’s Custom Function menu item to reassign what the AE Lock button does. HOWEVER ... when I review shots taken using BBF, in Aperture, the "Focus Point" display indicates I focused always in the center of the screen, not off to the right or left, as I might have recomposed. Choosing the right focus mode for your subject, Firmware updates for EOS R, EOS Ra and EOS RP plus RF lenses and more, Get in my bag now please RF85mm F2 Macro IS STM …, A better standard lens, EF 40mm f/2.8 STM, How to send only JPEGs to your laptop when shooting tethered, The difference between E-TTL & TTL for Canon flash, EOS lenses and accessory firmware updates. Navigate the to the third tab of the set up menu’s and you see the third option which allows you to switch round the functions of the AE-lock button and the AF selection button. Press OK and then the AE L button or the AF L button at the back of the camera now acts like an AF-On button for back button focusing. Since most photographers including beginners are used to focusing by pressing the shutter release button halfway through, back button focusing can take some time to get used to and once you get the hang of it, there will be no turning back. Then you would aim the camera towards the flowers and press the * button to focus. The AF-ON button can be set to be the only way to initiate focus, disallowing the shutter button from doing so. By the way, the AE Lock selects and locks in the camera’s exposure settings. If you’re nervous about pressing the shutter halfway on your EOS 80D for fear that you’ll accidentally take a photo, you might want to acquaint yourself with the AF-ON button. Then try back button focusing which transfers control away from the shutter button to the AF-ON button. This method is commonly called “back-button AF”. Canon's somewhat poorly written user manual has a lot to do with the arcane functions becoming more obtuse. Mit dem Back Button Focus ist der Auslöser nicht länger mit zwei Funktionen (Fokussieren + … Yes, I keep the AF On button pressed. There are two ways to initiate (and lock) focus on your Canon DSLR – using the shutter button, and / or – using the AF-ON button on the back of the camera, near your thumb.. I keep both buttons configured the same in case I press the wrong one whilst shooting. My ... by Mike Skidmore's Art 27 months ago More... Search this group's discussions. For static subjects, keep AI Servo focus set. Focus will be temporarily halted so long as I keep the button depressed. I've not been able to set it up correctly. You take photos when needed by pressing the shutter. EOS 800D/rebel T7i and EOS 200D/Rebel SL2 both have a new style of menus, and it seems that some people are not readily finding the desired settings for back button focus. Using the AF-ON button can also save time when you’re shooting a series of images of the same subject. Traveling over the top of the Canon EOS Rebel T7i/800D camera to its back, you encounter the smorgasbord of controls shown in the following figure. To confirm a mode, you can, for example, press the shutter button down halfway when the mode you want to use is selected. I’ve received a couple of questions about how to setup back button AF on these cameras so here it is…. 2) AF/AF lock, no AE lock - With this option enabled you can pause continuous focus.

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