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As the number of MEPs granted to each member state has arisen from treaty negotiations, there is no precise formula for the apportionment of seats. Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats), Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, European Conservatives and Reformists Group, Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance, Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left, Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands, Fidesz-Magyar Polgári Szövetség-Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt, Ecologistes Confédérés pour l'Organisation de Luttes Originales, Sojusz Lewicy Demokratycznej - Unia Pracy, Partidul Libertate, Unitate și Solidaritate, Istarski demokratski sabor - Dieta democratica istriana, Progressive Party of Working People - Left - New Forces, Suomen Sosialidemokraattinen Puolue/Finlands Socialdemokratiska Parti, Tėvynės sąjunga-Lietuvos krikščionys demokratai, Panhellenic Socialist Movement - Olive Tree, Nacionālā apvienība "Visu Latvijai!

For the plurals of MEP, see, Person who has been elected to serve as a popular representative in the European Parliament, Evolution of the proportion of women and men in the European Parliament.

[8] The obligation to spend one week a month in Strasbourg was imposed on Parliament by the Member State governments at the 1992 Edinburgh summit. Eight member states elected a lower number of women in 2019 than in 2014. Text taken from How gender balanced will the next European Parliament be?, Gina Pavone/OBC Transeuropa, EDJNet. The two largest groups are the European People's Party (EPP) and the Socialists & Democrats (S&D). Many other MEPs have held office at a regional or local level in their home states.

On the other hand, Cyprus has elected zero women, and Slovakia elected only 15 percent. [21][22] The oldest MEP is Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, who was 82 at the start of the July 2019 session. Following accession on 1 January 2007, the observers became MEPs (with some personnel changes). [10] As this cost is shared by over 500 million citizens of 27 countries, the cost per taxpayer is considerably smaller than that of national parliaments. Earlier European organizations that were a precursor to the European union did not have MEPs. More about the 2019 European elections results Similarly, Croatia had 12 observer members from 17 April 2012, appointed by the Croatian parliament in preparation for its accession in 2013.[25]. Current MEPs also include former judges, trade union leaders, media personalities, actors, soldiers, singers, athletes, and political activists. The number of observers and their method of appointment (usually by national parliaments) is laid down in the joining countries' Treaties of Accession. [citation needed], Until 2009, MEPs were paid (by their own Member State) exactly the same salary as a member of the lower House of their own national parliament. [20], In the 2019 elections 308 female MEPs were elected (41%). [14], Members declare their financial interests in order to prevent any conflicts of interest. Elections are held once every five years, on the basis of universal suffrage. The European Parliament has a high turnover of members compared to some national parliaments. Since 1979 MEPs have been elected by direct universal suffrage for a five-year period.

[9], The total cost of the European Parliament is approximately €1.756 billion euros per year according to its 2014 budget, about €2.3 million per member of parliament.

To reach gender parity, women should hold 50% of seats and positions of power. These were selected from government and opposition parties as agreed by the countries' national parliaments. From 26 September 2005 to 31 December 2006, Bulgaria had 18 observers in Parliament and Romania 35.

Identity and Democracy Group . VOX. "-"Tēvzemei un Brīvībai/LNNK", Partido do Centro Democrático Social-Partido Popular, Křesťanská a demokratická unie - Československá strana lidová, Partidul Național Țărănesc Creștin Democrat, Lietuvos lenkų rinkimų akcija – Krikščioniškų šeimų sąjunga, Direct access to language menu (press "Enter"), Direct access to search menu (press "Enter").

Sweden elected the highest percentage of female MEPs: 55 percent. Clara AGUILERA. Mazaly AGUILAR. When the European Parliament (then known as the Common Assembly of the ECSC) first met in 1952, its members were directly appointed by the governments of member states from among those already sitting in their own national parliaments. Licensed under CC BY 4.0. No change in this configuration can occur without the unanimous consent of all national governments. The much-criticised expenses arrangements were also partially reformed. Thus, since the 2009 elections, all MEPs receive a monthly pre-tax salary set at 38.5% of that of a judge at the European Court of Justice. [13], The single statute represented a pay-cut for MEPs from some member states (e.g. Italy. In other member states, MEPs are immune from detention and from legal proceedings, except when caught in the act of committing an offense. When the European Parliament first met in 1952, its members were directly appointed by the governments of member states from among those already sitting in their own national parliaments.

MEPs divide their time between their constituencies, Strasbourg - where 12 plenary sittings a year are held - and Brussels, where they attend additional plenary sittings, as well as committee and political group meetings. [16] The percentage of women in the EU parliament has increased from 15.2 percent after the first European Parliament election in 1979 to 41 percent after 2019 European Parliament election. Aside from working through their groups, individual members are also guaranteed a number of individual powers and rights within the Parliament: Every month except August the Parliament meets in Strasbourg for a four-day plenary session. With effect from the elections held in May 2014 the number has risen again and now stands nominally at 751, with each member state having at least six and at most 96 MEPs.[2]. This immunity may be waived by application to the European Parliament by the authorities of the member state in question. The electoral area may be subdivided if this will not generally affect the proportional nature of the voting system. It is conventional for countries acceding to the European Union to send a number of observers to Parliament in advance. This article incorporates text from a free content work. the right to table a motion for resolution, the right to table an amendment to any text in committee, the right to move the inadmissibility of a matter, This page was last edited on 10 October 2020, at 13:46. [3] As a result of being broad alliances of national parties, European groups parties are very decentralised and hence have more in common with parties in federal states like Germany or the United States than unitary states like the majority of the EU states. Since 1979, however, MEPs have been elected by direct universal suffrage.

Overall, thirteen countries elected 45 to 55 percent female MEPs, with seven countries reaching exactly 50 percent. Italy. Spain. Several presidents, prime ministers or deputy prime ministers of member states are former MEPs, including former President of France Nicolas Sarkozy, former Deputy PM of the United Kingdom Nick Clegg, former Prime Minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi, Danish former Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Belgian former PM Elio Di Rupo. MEPs are organised into seven different cross-nationality political groups, except the 57 non-attached members known as Non-Inscrits. Six times a year the Parliament meets for two days each in Brussels,[7] where the Parliament's committees, political groups, and other organs also mainly meet. [13] MEPs also receive a general expenditure allowance of €4,563 per month. As a result, there was a wide range of salaries in the European Parliament. No single group has ever held a majority in Parliament. In 2002, Italian MEPs earned €130,000, while Spanish MEPs earned less than a quarter of that at €32,000.

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