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She remained with her family until she was about ten years old, at whic… “I don’t know if there’s a part of me that kind of thinks that do we ever really truly process death? Summery: Merlin is kidnapped by Morgana and it doesn't quite go according to plan for both of them. Her reign was very short because Merlin and Arthur overthrew her army. When Nimue seemingly falls to her death, Morgana is absolutely stunned. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. Oct 26, 2020 - Explore Bri Torres's board "Merlin morgana" on Pinterest. “Morgana is … “I think that’s very similar to real life,” Shalom told HollywoodLife. It has been seven years since the hunting of people with magic stopped. Morgana killed a large number of townspeople to force the knights to be loyal to her. She sacrificed her sister to the Underworld in order to release spirits on Camelot. An enchanted beetle crawls into Lady Morgana's head, causing her to fall extremely ill. Morgana would also join in Merlin's adventures such as rescuing Camelot from a plague and meeting a young Druid boy named Mordred who she bonded instantly with. Fantasy Gwen Merlin Pendragon Morgana Percival ... Gaius Gwaine Lancelot Elyan Arthur Pendragon Uther Pendragon King Arthur Prince Arthur Morgana Pendragon Sir Leon Twin Sister Of Merlin Aurelia is the twin sister of Merlin. SorceressQueen of Camelot (formerly)Uther's ward (formerly)Last High Priestess of the Triple Goddess Obviously, it didn’t look like that when we filmed it. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Rating: T. Characters: Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, and the epic knight troop. ‘Cursed’ has a number of amazing twists in its first season, including that Igraine is actually Morgana. HL spoke with Shalom Brune-Franklin about the finale, Morgana’s complex relationship with Arthur, and more. When Nimue seemingly falls to her death, Morgana is absolutely stunned. Morgana also continued to hold her half-sister's memory dear to her heart, seeking revenge against Merlin for his part in Morgause's demise and only reluctantly giving up the healing bracelet Morgause had given her to Alator of the Catha as a price for discovering the identity of Emrys. Growing up in the household of Gorlois, Morgana and Gorlois are led to believe that they are father and daughter. “I’m interested to see where it goes because Merlin is like the ultimate wizard of the time that she’s living in. But there’s just so much that has happened that they can’t quite figure out. Magic/WitchcraftSpell-castingPotionsTelekinesisTelepathyClairvoyanceNecromancySwordsmanshipHigh intelligenceResourcefulnessCharismaStrategyManipulationCunning Morgana then used magic on Gwen, turning her evil temporarily. Morgana started to panic after several events revealed that she does have magial powers that recently awakened. Merlin, I am the strongest! Before Morgana's death, the witch managed to inflict a fatal wound on Arthur after she gave Mordred a sword forged in dragon's breath. Morgana tells her that she wants Uther dead and Morgause makes her the source of a sleeping plague without telling her. Only a dragon-lord is capable of containing the beast, men whom Uther persecuted years earlier, from which only one still survives (Balinor), who lives like a hermit in a cave. Morgana also prevents Merlin from saving his life when she scares their horses away. Merlin suggested that she visit the Druids but this plan didn't work when Arthur and his soldiers invaded the camp, believing that the Druids had kidnapped her instead of her willingly searching for them. She then ordered to Gwen to kill Arthur by putting poison in his food. When Merlin learned about this, he tried to kill her reluctantly using poison; however, much to their surprise, Morgause showed up to save Morgana and took care of her for a year. Morgana replied by saying that she couldn't be harmed by ordinary weapons because she was a high priestess. This is an epic character. For Shalom Brune-Franklin, getting the role of Morgana was a dream come true. Killing his own blood out of anger, hatred, and fear left Arthur devastated, horrified and filled with intense remorse, self-loathing and disgust in himself. Occupation She’s lost Arthur in some sense. Series 4-5 Morgana had a close friendship with her maidservant Gwen, Arthur and Merlin at this point in time. Unaware that the disease is magical, Gaius is unable to help. She is Merlin's former friend and arch-nemesis. At first, Morgana and Merlin don’t get along in Cursed, and Shalom is anxious to see how their relationship evolves after the finale. Morgana encountered Arthur and Merlin and attacked them. She presumably led Gorlois to believe that the child was his, as t… Morgana is born in Camelot to Uther Pendragon and Lady Vivienne. However only Merlin knew of her double-agent status as he could not reveal her actual agenda without proof or he would have been executed for suggesting that Uther's ward had magic and wanted to kill him. Morgana and Merlin disappear after Nimue is seemingly killed by Iris. She soon reveals her true identity. MaleficUsurpationConspiracyAbuse of powerBlackmailKidnappingBrainwashingTerrorismMass murderSmugglingTheftAssaultAbusePatricideAttempted fratricideMultiple torturesEspionageIncriminationHigh treasonMass destructionImprisonmentStarvation Mordred tells her at the end of that episode who Emrys is (aka Merlin). The Widow, also known as a Daughter of Death & Shadow Lord of the Dying, is a character onNetflix's Cursed. For all her infamous power, Morgana was vastly inferior to Emrys in terms of magic during the majority of the series. Shortly after she was born, Uther was led to believe that Morgause had died and the child was smuggled to the High Priestesses by Gaius. Launch Gallery: 'Cursed' TV Show -- Photos, Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, In pandemic America's tent cities, a grim future grows darker, Over half of Chinese adults now overweight: official. “There’s been Katie McGrath in Merlin. Morgana did not stop her attacks until she herself was killed by Merlin. Author: kate-7h. Uther eventually imprisoned her and executed Gwen's father driving her to plan his assassination. We see her in a pretty low position, and she’s lost a lot. Morgana showed resistance to Uther's rule and disliked his hatred of magic and how he executed those who wielded the power. After escaping from Camelot in a fury, she had taken Morgause back to what had become her home in the woods, clinging to the hope that there was some way to save her. The visions he saw at the Crystal Cave haunts him. For Cursed to have a different take on the character made the opportunity even sweeter. When Nimue is shot by Iris with arrows and falls off the bridge, Merlin rushes to try to save his daughter. Goals The sword! An enchanted beetle crawls into Lady Morgana's head, causing her to fall extremely ill. 'Cursed's Daniel Sharman Breaks Down Finale's Big Twist & Reveal Of The Weeping Monk's True Identity, 'Cursed's Daniel Sharman Teases The Weeping Monk's Inner 'Conflict' Behind The 'Cold-Blooded Killer', 'Cursed's Devon Terrell Teases Arthur & Nimue's 'Explosive' Dynamic & More: The 'Stakes' Are 'So High'. The reason for this deception is unknown (The Sins of the Father). She’s lost her parents. She is the illegitimate daughter of Uther Pendragon and the half-sister of Arthur Pendragon and Morgause. Morgana doesn’t have much time to mourn, but Shalom doesn’t think Morgana has fully processed losing her love. Rule Camelot and become its only ruling Queen.Bring back magic to the land (both failed) Because she and co-star Colin Morgan (Merlin) are both Irish, the casting directors didn't want two actors with the same accent and they were ready to decline Katie if she couldn't do an English accent only Colin beat her to it and they both got their roles. I was so overwhelmed when I watched that because we just had no idea how that was going to play out because you’re acting on this amazing bridge, but when Gustaf [Skarsgård] is just swinging a sword in the air speaking gibberish you’re hoping this pays off.”, Gallery: Grant Gustin and More 'Glee' Alums React to Naya Rivera's Death (US Weekly), Shalom is fascinated by the “really interesting dynamic” between Morgana and Merlin. Obviously, it’s a very different take. She eventually accepted that magic could be used for good. Type of Villain Merlin is crying. Morgana Pendragon MorganaQueen Morgana She’s always thought that he’s just a story,” Shalom said. Some of her schemes with Agravaine included attempting to kill Arthur in a duel, brainwashing Merlin and using him to kill Arthur and having Gwen exiled by forcing her to have an affair with the revived Lancelot. Origin I think if she didn’t have Nimue there, who she has given her all to, I don’t know how she would have really survived. The heavy weight of his decision, crushing his soul. “When I was auditioning, the role was obviously Morgana,” Shalom told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Morgana's actress, Katie McGrath almost didn't get the role of Morgana. When we’re first introduced to Morgana in the Netflix series, she goes by Igraine. Meanwhile, Arthur's very angry for misplacing his manservant. Darci said that they were visiting Toby's "Uncle Marlin" somewhere (as in consoling Merlin in his tomb as Jim redirects a rush of flooding water with his sword). Morgana killed Gwaine and found where Arthur was heading because she tortured him to death. They’re kind of completely lost now, which is really sad to see. She’s lost pretty much her entire family at this point. There was obviously Excalibur with Helen Mirren. In this occasion she also accused Uther of having abandoned her (supposed) father Gorlois in the battlefield years before, causing his death. She also had the capability of seeing the future via prophetic dreams and was a skilled swordswoman though she preferred using magic in combat (as Morgana's swordswoman skills were ultimately inferior to her half-brother, Arthur's swordsman skills). She sought the help of Gaius but this did nothing to stop her prophetic dreams because he only helped by giving her a sleeping draught. Crimes

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