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Norman Keith Collins, AKA Sailor Jerry, helped turn nautical tattoos into an art form. Although the history of tattooing goes back thousands of years and has been present in many different ancient cultures, a lot of the current popular styles owe a lot to sailors from the 19th century and beyond. I try to update this article whenever I come across something new. I wondered what made my grandfather get the tattoo's he had on him, this article explains a lot. Yeah, having great ink is sick, but to know the meanings behind these Art makes it even sweeter. Swallows – Each swallow represented 5,000 nautical miles of sailing. The nautical … These men include (broadly): technicians, engineers, control-man, firefighters, machinists and electricians. Crossed Rifles is infantry Army , Crossed cannons is a gunnersmate Navy, @Jim Lynch, @Deck SN - Thank you for your input, there's so many symbolical references. There are quite a few others but these are the ones I remember from my service time. Work revolved around the unpredictable elements, and their lives were, therefore, always under luck's mercy. However it will probably even have numerous private significance for the one that wears it. Mementos used to … (Suggested by commenter “Jim Lynch” Thank you! “Hold Fast” – Beginning as a identifier of someone who worked as a deckhand, “hold fast” across the knuckles evolved into a good luck charm for sailors to not be thrown overboard in stormy weather. This style of tattoo is still among one of the most demanded in tattoo studios today, despite being perhaps the first, or one of the first tattoos to be relatively common and … of nude ladies) would be refused and would only be considered after the tattoos were modified. Nature decides, and the wind and the waves will assist him on his journey. So choosing a sailor girl name for your munchkin is no longer a difficult task. Anchor tattoos have a lot of presence and meaning in the history of tattooing. Nautical Star Tattoos. Guns or Crossed Cannons – Identified a sailor as serving in the Military Navy. :), great post you can vist this site from NASA. Dolphin fish: which represents the submarine force. Will check that out. PO12 1AH The tattoo above is a full tattoo that embraces the whole of the lower foot. Before you go signing up for history classes, hold on. I'd imagine that there would have still been some who'd thought that tattoos were impermanent, but I'm pretty sure they'd still do it either way. Japanese themes are her favorite. There are plenty of nautical tattoo designs available. I'll always update this piece with new info, so I thank everyone who's commented to contribute to this ever-growing list! Basically these tattoos represent to guide or show them a good path towards there purpose. You’ll remember the swallow represented 5000 nautical miles, and in this circumstance, it also represented the sailor who sailed those miles too. Each color of the nautical stars have different meanings associated with them. @Madkahar - Thank you for those, you rock! Traditional American nautical tattoos have a long history behind them. ANCHOR TATTOOS. Sail Training International Full Rigged Ship – After sailing around Cape Horn, a sailor would have this tattoo. Japanese Hannya Tattoos: Origins, Meanings & Ideas, Tattoo Ideas & Tips: Text, Lettering, Script & Quotes, Mementos used to mark a milestone in a sailor’s voyage, Reminders of certain triumphs or places they've set foot on. Question: I'm researching US tattoo art from the 1860's...any site you'd suggest for photos or design-books from that era? I often wondered why birds, now I know. We’ve all seen them, adorning the arms, legs, chests of sailors – and quite a few people who have never been to sea – nautical themed tattoos…. A sheep wheel symbolizes several meanings in sailor tattoos but generally represent leadership, victory and is a reminder for the wearer not to stray and to strictly adhere to plans. Nautical or Maritime Tattoo Meanings - are tattoos derived from the very roots and history of modern tattooing. Nautical star tattoos are also worn by anyone whose livelihood is on or near the sea. Sailors were among the first to revive the art and practice of tattooing when they visited the islands of Polynesia in the South Pacific and other lands in … Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 01, 2015: I don't have any tattoos yet, but I enjoy learning about tattoo history and symbolism. Book your place and enjoy the experience of lifetime by signing up with a Tall Ships adventure in 2020! Nautical Star Tattoo Meaning 1. I'm very glad to have helped and I hope your next tattoo turns out beautifully (: Very informative, thank you. Pig and Rooster – Pig and rooster tattoos, usually one on each foot, were supposed to be a good luck charm in case a sailor was shipwrecked. Sailor tattoos refer to a type of tattoo traditionally favored by sailors and the traditions that accompany these tattoos. Nathan Bernardo from California, United States of America on June 09, 2018: Very interesting, I didn't know the history or meanings to tattoos. There was a reason why people got nautical tattoos: It was a symbol of patriotism. Anchors have become popular within general tattoo culture over the years, but the symbolism is still the same. I love reading about things like this. The Little Red Devils were a direct representation of Snipes who were very much, “rulers of the Underworld”. Leland Johnson from Midland MI on January 29, 2015: What an interesting article! There are a lot of controversies surrounding the true meaning. The tattoos must be earned, and an inmate wearing an undeserved tattoo risks a beating or worse. Hope you enjoyed reading about it. Blackwork Compass Tattoo on Hand. The command coming directly in bad weather was to stop what you were doing and ‘hold fast’ to the ship’s line for security. Gosport Mermaid Tattoos Nautical or Maritime Tattoos Nautical Star Tattoos Navy Tattoos. Mumby Road This is the most secure object on the ship. Over the years, many groups have tried to adapt tattoo designs of the nautical star with their own unique interpretation. This tattoo also represents a sailor’s way home. ... nautical star with cardinal direction markings, or the clock and compass to remind you to explore before it’s too late. Thanks. The nautical star is a traditional sailor tattoo and one that you will still see many people get today for a variety of reasons. (Bear colored in gold to denote a surfacing submarine above the fifth parallel, or ice walk in the arctic). Nautical tattoos are just one example of the great history and culture you will find at sea. What do Nautical Star Tattoos Mean? The Ship Wheel Tattoo can be utilized each decoratively and symbolically. A large portion of maritime tattoos were: Many maritime men were superstitious and you could hardly blame them for that. It's amazing how meaningful they are (: Cherylann Mollan from India on February 20, 2014: This is a really nice hub. We have decided to put together a list of our favourite nautical tattoos and the meanings behind them. An anchor can also bear other symbolic meanings. This is why you'll often see anchor tattoos emblazoned with "Mom" or the name of a sailor's sweetheart (the people who keep them grounded).

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