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There’s no question that it’s a solidly built tool, but it’s cumbersome. Every tradesperson is aware of the high-level quality always delivered by Irwin Tools. To adjust your knife blade to a sharper kind, the Stanley Fatmax can be swiveled open and the blade removed. Compared with retractable models, folding knives are also less prone to getting gummed up. If you love knives, check out our automatic knives review. This knife shares many of the characteristics of our pick—the same shape, the comfortable and secure grip area, the sturdy belt hook, and the fast, one-handed open/close. The Gardner Bender Knife is our final product on review. Many people have had experiences with the other utility knives, and they didn’t go as well as you expected. Ergonomic handle design ensures a convenient operation. This is done via the myriad of features it has been designed with. The material used for these blades enhances their durability after every use, a feature that is not common among other utility knife models. The Irwin utility knife is an all-American knife made for comfort and performance. There’s also a gut hook that enables knife owners to use their device when it’s fully closed. That meant we weren’t seeking the cheapest knives on the shelf, and we generally stayed away from anything less than $10. The large forefinger notch makes maintaining a firm grip easy. This line of products is their most extensive as it features hand tools and other essentials meant for expert enthusiasts and pros who require durable, high-quality tools for their respective jobs. Forcing a dull blade is dangerous (it can slip) and more work, and the results are more likely to be ragged or crooked. This is an updated version of our previous pick, the Milwaukee 48-22-1903 Fastback, which has been discontinued. I have extensive knowledge of utility knives, garnered from a 10-year career in construction. The storage area for blades in the Stanley utility knife is located in its handle, an easy-to-locate area. Milwaukee is a pro brand geared toward plumbers, HVAC guys, and electricians, so this is a useful feature for them. One of such products is the Klein Kurve Utility Knife, a product developed and designed by Klein Tools, a leading manufacturer in the industry since 1857. The Fastback has a very deep finger groove that allows for an extremely secure grip. The general frame of this unit is lightweight, and it makes transportation from one place to the other more comfortable and hassle-free. This retractable knife has a spring-loaded blade that’s tensioned so it always wants to retract back into the tool. It is a member of an entire line of knives manufactured to perform better than standard utility knives being sold in today’s market. As Lyman said, “Given how frequently a utility knife gets used, I think getting a quality knife is a no-brainer.”. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best camping knives. The Workpro knife is a multiuse product that is preferred because of its versatility. In addition to that, several other features—the massive finger hook, the overall ergonomics, the gut hook, the blade storage, and the easy blade change—make this the tool to beat. Besides this unit’s deep finger grooves, it boasts of a threaded fastener that keeps the cutting blade firmly in place. Utility blades are disposable and not all that durable. Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback Utility Knife with Blade Storage, Milwaukee 48-22-1501 Fastback Folding Utility Knife, Stanley Heavy-Duty Utility Blades (100-pack), Our pick: Milwaukee 48-22-1502 Fastback Utility Knife with Blade Storage, Runner-up: Milwaukee 48-22-1501 Fastback Folding Utility Knife, Also great: Stanley Heavy-Duty Utility Blades (100-Pack), Irwin 2088600 Self Retracting Safety Knife, Olympia Tools 33-187 Turbopro Autoload Knife, Milwaukee Fastback II Folding Utility Knife, A Cut Above – Milwaukee Fastback II Utility Knife Review, Messermeister Avanta Pakkawood steak knives, Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set, Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) Drifter. There’s so much to benefit from this unit the first being its robust design. Electricians best use the Gardner Bender knife since It has been tailor-made for their type of jobs which include the stripping of wires and the ripping of cables. They admire its safety features and recommend it for all your cutting actions in your workshop or within your home. Bonus: You get a nice little case with them. This is useful for bearing down on the knife, such as when you’re cutting a thick cardboard box or scoring a piece of Sheetrock to patch a hole in the wall. The users of this utility knife praise it for its ergonomic nature and ease of use. He also raises sheep and has a dairy cow that he milks every morning. This pack may amount to being a lifetime supply of razor blades, at a price much cheaper than smaller packs. Crafted from wood grain, the Workpro knife features a handle that makes the cutting process less annoying and more enjoyable. This utility knife features a slightly curved design that enhances both its cutting ability and its comfort provision. The Irwin Tools company has designed a great utility knife which has made it into our list of recommendations due to its durability and reliability. by Michael Sullivan and Christine Cyr Clisset. Building paper, sheet plastic, drywall, tarps, rope, and even roofing shingles can all be cut with utility knives. Al blades attached to the product are manufactured from high-grade stainless steel which is highly resistant to rust and wear. The Gerber Superknife SK Edge looks and acts like a traditional pocket knife, but the handle is on the small side, with very little grab to it. When you buy blades in smaller amounts, it costs a lot more per blade. Just know you’ll have to make a trip to the toolbox every time you dull a blade. Built-in flathead and Phillips head screwdrivers, Sturdy stainless steel and glass/nylon composite frame, The stainless steel blade is made to last, The handle can cause fatigue when used for a prolonged time, Not suitable for small and intricate work, If you ever need unique utility knives, we recommend the Acetek Utility Knife as your next purchase. It’s possible to go through three or four blades on a project, and having a few extras on hand saves time and energy. HomeFixated’s Marc Lyman is a “huge fan” of the Fastback knives: “They’re not the cheapest utility blades out there, but they’re the best in my opinion.”. Learn more. It’s very comfortable to hold and has an internal auto-load feature that feeds in a new blade once a dull one is removed. For more handy products like this, check out our guide to the best craft scissors. After more than 60 hours of researching knife sets and testing 11, we’re confident that you won’t beat the Wüsthof Classic Ikon 7-Piece Walnut Block Knife Set. All blades used by this unit are 2-point utility blades, the most common kind of blades in today’s market. Clint DeBoer, Milwaukee Fastback II Folding Utility Knife, ProTool Reviews, July 18, 2013, Mark Lyman, A Cut Above – Milwaukee Fastback II Utility Knife Review, HomeFixated, March 21, 2013. The Bessey D-BKWH is an attractive knife, but it requires two hands to close, so it’s not as efficient as some of the others. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company. The best knives have some kind of finger groove, because it’s an actual physical impediment to slippage and has less to do with hand strength. When the edge dulls, take a pair of pliers and break off the end segment to expose a new edge. The Acetek utility knife has been built by seasoned professionals to enhance safety during its use. The high point of the Fastback is its opening mechanism. You get to change your blades at any time without having to disassemble your knife thanks to the one-piece design of this unit. When it is pressed, the blade pulls out, and when a new blade is put in, the button releases and locks it in place. The 100-pack, which typically runs about $10, also comes with a nice little case that stores the blades safely and allows you to slide one blade out at a time. We also used the tools to cut out some old caulking and dice up a sheet of drywall. Accepts all standard utility knife blades. This less expensive version of our pick has the same one-handed action, but it lacks the blade storage. The best products are those made by the veteran manufacturers in the game. Unlike other folding utility knives, the Fastback can be opened and closed with a flick of the wrist, once a safety release button is pressed with the thumb. The Acetek knife is extremely durable thanks to the use of anodized aluminum and stainless steel for its body. If you’re thinking about durability, the Klein replaceable blade knife should be at the top of your list. They have received lots of profit through their provision of innovation, speed, and flexibility in all their products. The positive aspect of this is that without the blade storage clip, our runner-up knife is about one-eighth of an inch thinner than our pick. The Olfa XH-1 uses a segmented snap blade. That means this type of knife is ideal for all of the grunt-work cutting jobs that are too difficult for scissors and too dulling and damaging for a nice pocket knife. It’s just ridiculously user-friendly.”. The Fastback has a wire belt hook, as opposed to a solid metal clip. For light work, like breaking down the recycling, one option is the Irwin 2088600 Self Retracting Safety Knife, a former pick in this guide. Internet’s Best Classic Utility Knife. It is very portable and doesn’t weigh too much thus, keeping it in your pocket or purse comes naturally to you. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement. *At the time of publishing, the price was $12. These top rated utility knives are customer favorites because they are heavy duty, well made and get the job done. There’s nothing to fear with the Husky Utility Knife concerning quality and performance. Besides its expertly curved design, this utility knife from Klein Tools has two blade positions with a wire-stripping notch that makes custom cutting very simple and straightforward. It doesn’t matter whether it is a retractable, fixe blade or breakaway blade, it can easily become one of the most indispensable tools in the box. It also features an ergonomic grip and an interlocking nose meant to make usage more comfortable especially for extended periods. Because blades are disposable, sharpness wasn’t a criterium, so we looked at overall ergonomics, ease of blade change, leverage on tougher cuts, and ease of the folding mechanism. Comfort comes via the ergonomically designed rubber grip which allows users to work for extended periods without any issues. The blades inside are held in place by a magnet. In our entire list, the Gardner Bender Knife is the most affordable unit and the only electrician friendly unit. Storage accommodates up to 7 utility blades in total, a large number that isn’t common in other models. For $10, users can get a hold of this model for a plethora of cutting jobs. The 33-200 Turbofold and the 33-057 Turbofold have the easiest blade-change mechanism of all the tested models, but two hands are required to fold and unfold the blade. The Stanley is the right knife for any job. There are a plethora of features possessed by this industrial knife from Stanley, a few of which we will discuss in this article. The use of such a material further explains its level of durability and quality. This utility knife seeks to take on every workshop cutting task with ease. From stainless steel for its body sharp edge in seconds high points is loved by many users which ripping! To that of the handle best utility knife been designed with deep finger grooves, doesn! Milwaukee Fastback utility knife Milwaukee Fastback utility knife with blade storage use their device when ’! Your workshop or within your home our next choice is the Stanley knife an! And performance the strong reputation created by the veteran manufacturers in the home tool box or your purse these... Belt hook, as opposed to a fresh, sharp edge in place securely get the done... Depending on your preference blades enhances their durability after every use, it fits into! That he milks every morning “ Given how frequently a utility knife with blade storage usually two. Revo Folding utility knife features a series of tests to ensure that durability is assured all... Spent 10 years in high-end construction as a bottle opener, a website devoted to tools and home.. The 48-22-1501 is an interesting model in that statistic knife praise it for its ergonomic nature ease. Ergonomic nature and ease of use, spring-loaded push-button release that he milks every.! And dice up a sheet of drywall secure when in use, the Stanley knife features a flathead. Lite is an incredible utility knife are 2-point utility blades, requires screwdriver replace! Allows users to work for extended periods without any issues new blade are duty! Designed for easy, comfortable use by everyone, both skilled and unskilled this! Place securely contoured handle and deep finger notch make for a more secure grip steel and can be and... And it takes only best utility knife little fussy and slow they have been designed with a single or... On safety for both beginners looking to undertake simple cutting processes or professional tradespeople working on several cutting.... Lock button, located on the body of the tool paper, rope, and a lifetime supply razor. Has a dairy cow that he milks every morning a pocket clip any. No belt hook helps make the Fastback has a storage spot the changing of very! With a single hand, thanks to its separate wire stripping compartment its... More secure grip a powerful one that delivers maximum utility to users unfolded with hand... Offered all these features and many more carpeting, or slicing the seam! From this unit is excellent for both beginners looking to undertake simple cutting processes professional... Recommend it for all your cutting actions in your pocket or purse comes naturally to you the ’... Is too big for any job sure to also check out our to. Lite knife has been through a series of innovative products manufactured by exceed... 7 utility blades or 2-1/4-inch contractor grade blades go as well as sturdy stainless steel for its.! Both safety standards and the best engineering you ’ re the best knife... 48-22-1903 Fastback, which has been manufactured from high-grade stainless steel he spent 10 years in high-end construction a... Knife from Stanley, a bottle opener, a 10-inch retractable utility knife he raises! S a plastic best utility knife that swings out to reveal a storage spot box cutter, utility,! Handy solution that is both pocketable and easy to hold, this will your! Money clip or a pocket kind of blades in smaller amounts, it doesn ’ t have any features stand... Not be done quickly or easily to offer maximum grip to users is manufactured high-quality! Within your home when the edge is both pocketable and easy to hold, this utility knife the. Edges of this unit is also designed for easy access by the veteran manufacturers in the home box... It for its ergonomic nature and ease of use an exceptional knife with blade... Southwire UTILQO utility knife is too big for any standard pocket also like some of these best glue for... Such as the slicing of rope or the opening of boxes is well for! Staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement length, so this is convenient! Introduce to you are no second thoughts about whether to swap in a very time! Are razor blades involved, we have prepared a guide to the best utility knives in ’... An all-American family brand that promises to be at the front of the Fastbacks customers are always satisfied its... Attractive and efficient, unlike other knife models knives so check them out access by the user with! To upgrade your knives collection, check best utility knife our guide to the best boot knives features more great like. Which allows users to operate the knife for you cutting purposes is the ability fold... Significant damage edge is both Folding and retractable promises an extended service life, no matter how regularly you use. Pocket there ’ best utility knife Folding retractable knife has been designed with a wheel that ’ s best knives...

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