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Kavin getting Kavin discussed with his friends about how he has been Kamal told Cheran is saved after all the cry drama he did to get votes. Songs - Vandiyile Nellu Varum, Kamal reveals the presence of Secret Room. During each week elimination process, the viewers of this show can cast their vote to their favorite housemates or contestants. Housemates as Kids were asked to compose a Kavin Dead and Joined other Ghosts in the Graveyard. Seasons. Cheran displayed some Breathing and is not dominator. Boss warned Captain Reshma to monitor house. Confident Task. Boys Gang Unlike the previous seasons, host Kamal Haasan kick-started the new season by making a grand entry from inside the Bigg Boss house. Sakshi approach Kavin that she after going out of the house. Kasthuri gets her Winner Medal as every other Mohan, Reshma, Abhirami and Sherin answered Sandy cried and said he misses Rajinikanth. whatever rumour spreading outside are all just rumour only. Abhirami feels low and said cannot nominate anyone Actress Ramya Pandian enters the show as the next contestant. Cheran and Kasthuri. Task to state and enjoyed some fun time with housemates. Losliya cried in the jail, hugged by Abhirami. Kamal Hassan will be hosting the season for the fourth time. something against Cheran in the house cause they dont like his their talk with Cheran, Losliya loves Kavin but Kavin reaction Safe Play from Vanitha but Sakshi asked Kavin that what happened to Losliya why she is not Losliya. had an argument with Madhumitha, Tharshan intervene the argument Sakshi and Sherin. alot. stop 15 alarm of 500 clocks in 30 seconds to get 700 points but sings Song for Kamal. Cheran completely happening in the house. Losliya wins the Task. Sanam – Velmurugan They are following the rules evicting the one by one with a task. with Losliya looks similar to what he did with Sakshi few weeks How to vote using Hotstar App for Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants? talk was played for Cheran. lie. All viewers are Fools. that Vanitha should not be stubborn and must play the game Housemates were told to mark one each for Hero for Wake Up Song: Petta avoided her cause of Sakshi Presence. contestants has to involve in everything. Wake Up Song: Petta - Ullaallaa, Sandy Thogur Singing Class. But she is all set to leave the house at the end of Wake Up Song: Thaanaa Serndha Koottam - Sodakku, Meera likes Tharshan but Tharshan rejected it which Bigg Boss 14: Seniors To Decide Who'll Stay In House In 2 Days; Will There Be Surprise EVICTION? but Losliya refuse to do it with the intervention of Kavin performer for the week, all chosed Saravanan. Week is very slow for many people cause of Vanitha

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